About - TrailerPark
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Our Story


Our design and manufacturing HQ in Somersby, NSW; utilizes the latest in autonomous production technologies to create the most reliable and consistent trailer systems in Australia.


Our mission is simple, we provide reasonably priced,  Australian made trailers with to provide you with years of enjoyment on and off the water.

2014: As most great idea’s happen – Trailerpark was the brain child of a couple of folks in a shed. Fortunately, this shed was not your usual shed. Due to a decade or so researching Automation, Robotic, and Renewable technologies – we just happened to have access to some of the most cutting-edge manufacturing equipment available. Always searching for ways to engineer things BETTER, SAFER and FASTER we decided to employ these technologies to assist in our little Trailer making side business.


2016: With a highly successful 18-month prototype/design & test run, word started to spread around the local PWC community, about our BETTER, SAFER, FASTER trailer designs. And the fact we were able to deliver our trailers at a price point that’s competitive to overseas imports was garnishing some extra thumbs up too.


2018: The Sea is the limit !!!
Our mission is to continue to bring the best possible PWC and Boating Trailers to the people of Australia. We still employ the same trailer crew at our Somersby HQ, who are now able to work in a safer, relaxed, BUT productive working environment. With a little help from our robotic friends.


We’re a happy bunch so feel free to give us a call for all your trailer needs. We promise a human will answer the phone (unless we’re out on the water).