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How do I select the right trailer for my boat?

How do I select the right trailer for my boat?

Before buying your boat trailer we recommend that you consider the following key points. We will elaborate further down in the article so it’s clear.

First you need to select the right trailer for you hull. Rollers or Skids?

There are two types of hulls to consider when thinking of your trailers. One is an aluminium hull where the trailers would be most likely fitted with skids. Then there is a fibreglass hull where rollers make it a lot easier to push and pull from your trailer.

What is the weight and size of your boat?

The wight of your boat is very important, and although most boats are made to specifics, some are not. You will need to know the correct size and approximate weight before enquiring about boat trailers and vehicles to pull your trailer. The weight of your boat and trailer combined will have an impact on your fuel consumption which leads us to our next part.

What vehicle are you using to pull your boat?

The most common vehicles are your standard 4WD, however, not all come standard with drawbars. You may need to take a look at how your back door opens and extend the length of the drawbar if needed. If you’re not in the market for a 4WD, there are many sedans with V6 engines that could haul a boat trailer.

Where will the boat live?

More often than not your boat and trailers are going to sit in your driveway, on the street or in your backyard. It’s a good idea to cover your boat from the harsh Australian weather. TrailerPark trailers were designed to last our harsh conditions.

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